So everything the 1st user could do plus everything the second user could do etc.AFO was also not in his prime the fight we saw between these two would pale in comparison to their original fight that left them both heavily injured.Now All Might is a veteran hero, THE veteran of veteran hero's so its safe to say this estimation was right.Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Log In Sign Up User account menu 96 How strong All Might was in his prime and how strong is Izuku with One for All.Stockpiling suggests it stores power over time regardless of whether it is passed down or not.When Izuku trains his body, Izuku will be leaps and bounds above All Might. Dev patel and andrew garfield. Izuku didnt.AFAIC, Izuku's pool has been 50 feet deep; he just can't dive that far without hurting himself.Sort of like a weaker version of saitama from OPM, deku has no limiter and can continue to train OFA and get stronger without ever reaching his limit.Once his pool gets to 50 feet deep, it'll slowly get deeper.All rights reserved Back to Top Cookies help us deliver our Services.So Izuku may in fact be like superman by the end of the series tbh.Whether that be how OFA works or All Might only letting so much power go into Izuku at a time.The muscle form allmight has isn't actually a different form so deku isn't going to randomly get muscles with 100%.With that being said when Izuku uses 100% of his power that's not how much power he is actually able to output that is just the most his body can handle at its upmost limit and how much of OFA he has gotten.

how strong was all might in his prime
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He turned on the TV, but to you, it was just background noise, and the warm bowl in your hands, resting on your gut, was a more welcome presence.You are a little startled to already find Toshinori staring down at you, his ocean blue eyes practically.You nestle there, in the warmth he radiates, the gentle huff of his breath, the beat of his heart.” You shrug.You relay this to Toshinori, and so a quick back and forth from your house later, and you have everything you need to spend the night.When you hear the sound of a zipper coming undone, then you pull yourself away, heat flushing your cheeks at the implication. Genderbend black butler. Then, his own shoulders loosen, and everything fades to comfortable black.Hell if I know, the definition changes constantly.However, not only do you think it’s not yet time to be wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, you also prefer closer-fitting material when you sleep, so the creases of the fabric don’t disrupt your sleep. You’re.His arms are stiff at his sides, at his head.It isn’t until his hand moves to one of your shoulders, however, that you feel your own tenseness, and you ease into his warmth further, knowing you still have to relax.Here he sets you down so he can open the glass sliding door, and he gestures you inside first.You rise to meet his lips, and the whole way, he follows your eyes, adjusts his hold so that you’re closer to where you want to be.My hope is to upload the installments of this fic in particular weekly instead of every other week, but we will see if that is possible.After a few incidents of this, and after Toshinori had already had his own dinner, he spoke to you as he cleaned up his own bowl.It was unnerving the first time you saw it, but you figured not only did Toshinori live alone, if he ever.The sun was well behind the horizon by the time you arrived at All Might’s back porch, and wearily, you fell into his arms when he came to greet you. “But no, you’re probably right; those reports won’t file themselves.He’s looking up at the ceiling; you can see it as light reflects off the blue of his eye.He lets you handle this one; feeding someone and giving them something to drink are two different feats, and you appreciate being given control over this.At the headboard is a terrarium that runs along the length of it, basking in soft blue light that creeps up the tall walls, to the glass ceiling several meters above.Eventually, however, the both of you fall into it like a practiced dance, something the two of you have always known. Tifa x Cloud.

Although he'd lose to All Might, he'd have put up a great fight against him.He's strong enough to wipe out cities at full power, however, despite that, All Might would be able to deal with him without any trouble in his prime.In his prime, All Might would probably take out Dabi with a single hit.Although it'll take Izuku quite some time to work up his skill to 100%, once he does, he'll be comparable to All Might.This was mostly because the Nomu was created to take on All Might at his 100%.He is quite a powerful character who was strong enough to overpower Shigaraki Tomura in battle (prior to his Quirk awakening). Rwby fanfiction jaune abused. After All Might's retirement, Endeavor stepped up and became much stronger after realizing what it truly meant to be the Symbol of Peace.Along with having tremendous strength, he also has great agility and a sharp intellect which helps him in most battles.In his prime, All Might would've defeated Hawks within seconds.He possesses the powers of an unnamed Quirk that lets him produce blue flames and burn his targets to a crisp.He held the powers of One For All, a Quirk passed down to him from his master, Nana Shimura..He was known to be a criminal with powers on par with that of All For One, if not greater.Either way, Tomura would put up a great fight against him.With the power of the Overhaul Quirk at his side, he could kill anyone with just a single touch of his palm.In terms of power, All Might was unmatched right until the very end of his Hero career.With this power, he was able to defeat Overhaul quite easily.

how strong was all might in his prime
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There are other subjects that he will be taking, along with electives he finds an interest in. As for your school supplies.Since the longest you’d be gone in this time would be two days.Each year has different difficulty levels and their own dorms.If he were to attend, he would age as normal for the, just short of a, year he attends, but, as he returns, he will revert back to the age he is in his own time, which is now. I think it would be best to help me control my abilities and. Dragon age inquisition drink from the well. “Hogwarts.I think it would be best for my social life, as well, since I don’t have friends here.His voice was soft, as he addressed it.Which is the ability to see into someone else’s mind.Here it is. We weren’t able to come sooner, due to this time being far in the future from our own.It was odd, seeing as the boy was no older than a first year.Izuku-san, may I see if you’re a natural occlumens, as well?” There was a flash in those supernatural green eyes, before he nodded.” Albus smiled softly at her joking tone near the end.He backed out of the boy’s mind, having briefly noticed that it was night and there were stars in the sky.As he waited, he took note that the home was a two bedroom one with eggshell walls.And how will he be a hero when he's also studying for over half the year.” Inko nodded in understanding.His voice was kind, patient, and understanding as he spoke.Inko sighed.Inko came back and noticed him.When he asked people what their quirks felt like, he got answers that ranged from water and fire to a buzzing feeling or the like. Wanda Thomas Bernard. He started, when he heard an explosion and a brand new voice swearing up a storm.At his mother’s questioning tone, he met her eyes.” He reached into the front of his robes, pulling out a pendant made out of an opal, attached to a leather cord by a golden clasp and backing.I know this may sound like rubbish, but I assure you, it’s true.This felt like multiple things at once and he couldn't really pinpoint what he was feeling. “May I ask for a choker?” The wizard tilted his head, before nodding with a smile.Some of these include, Transfiguration, Potions, Runes, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Charms, and more.” Both greenettes nodded and Albus stood, holding his hand out to the boy.Comments: 133 Kudos: 181 Bookmarks: 47 Hits: 2697.Since Hogwarts no longer stands, having been destroyed a little over fifty years ago, he would need to slip back in time to attend. “It can’t be too comfortable standing out in the hall.I think things will be fine.

how strong was all might in his prime

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With as much gentleness as he could manage, he pulled away bits and pieces of the not-rock until his finger brushed against something soft. “Izuku.He had a large, plump octopus grasped in his powerful jaws, it’s tentacles still thrashing weakly as it attempted to fight off the mer.They fell once her son turned his head to look at her, a warm smile on his face and the sun reflecting off his emerald eyes.Comments: 88 Kudos: 328 Bookmarks: 107 Hits: 5425.After that, the blonde viciously tore the strip of tuna into smaller, more easily chewable pieces for Izuku. Eevee cute. Katsuki, who had previously looked very pleased with himself for getting the newest pod member to eat, now was chirping at Izuku in what sounded like a scolding tone.However, when he is captured by humans Izuku finds that there are other mers that are different like him, although in completely different ways.He didn’t, and for that, Inko was grateful.She missed her mother as well, but the aging mermaid had no desire to leave her own pod to travel with her daughter, so Inko would just have to rely on memories to squash down the feeling of loneliness that always seemed to follow her around. “And this little terror is Katsuki.” Mitsuki said, leaning down to look at the little greenette.How dare you lay a hand on me woman?” He snarled, glaring at the smaller mer.You eat up, and I’ll take of this. Holy shit that was scary. “Be very careful brat.Her pup was a dolphin, just like- Her thoughts were cut off by a gasp, her own in fact.I’m so sorry.” Mitsuki muttered, shaking her head.Hisashi’s wide grin dropped when he saw his pup for the first time. “I think they might need a bit of help.Usually, she would do such a delicate task herself, but her hands were shaking violently right now, and she feared that she might cut her pup with her claws.He hadn’t been sure exactly why Auntie Inko had insisted on watching over a green rock, or why today seemed different, but he knew something special was going to happen, and he was right. 611 Trinket. “What are you going to do?” Mitsuki asked, her voice slightly grim, like she expected the worst answer.The action wasn’t for her own benefit, but rather to protect the small, fragile egg that was tucked close to her side.He trembled slightly, pressing himself closer to his mother.The fight had rattled her, he could tell by the way her fins were flexing rapidly.With new found excitement, the older pup pulled the younger one out towards the light that was now shining behind him.But now he was silent, shivering slightly as he pressed himself into his mother’s tail at the sound of the storm as it picked up.

Despite his newly found time limit on the usage of his quirk due to inheriting its power on Midoriya, he can still go all out for several minutes while being able to efficiently hide his exhaustion.So much so, that All Might can level half a city with a single punch.By channeling this power through his body, Toshinori had superhuman strength, speed, agility as well as invulnerability..Cannot go all-out in densely populated regions.Of great wisdom due to his huge amount of experience as a hero, he is Midoriya's mentor and a greatly respected figure even amonst his colleagues. Percy jackson and hera fanfiction. All Might was so proficient with One For All that he was widely known as the world's most powerful person.Furthermore, he was able to push through the limits of his quirk and use its power even after his body reverted back to normal

how strong was all might in his prime
All might in his prime

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“I can sense when people are near me,” said Danny, naming the power that would be most difficult for him to hide. “Because I’m quirkless.How he’d never been caught back home escaped him.Almost everyone was born with the seed of their ghost already in them and nurtured it throughout their lives, and yet they all passed beyond the veil without so much as a whisper of fuss.Danny stopped in front of the school building.Although his world would probably seem equally strange to these people. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Much skinnier than Dash had been, but in Danny’s book that was a plus.Nothing about Yagi struck Danny as particularly bully-able..” “Eh? Why?” asked Danny.He was probably short enough to pass for a member of the youngest grade, but, thankfully for his pride, he was to be joining the second years.” He rubbed the back of his neck.If he’d been using a fork, Danny would have expected him to stab something.Danny had no doubt that Clockwork’s prediction about his future would come to pass.” “So? Twenty percent of everyone is quirkless.When that was done, he was taken up to classroom 2B.It was subtle, but everyone’s eyes flicked towards a blonde boy who was sitting in the corner.The one who needed just a tiny push to set this world on a better path.He brought his transfer paperwork to the office and had his uniform inspected.Again, it was a bit of a blow, but becoming half-ghost had stopped his aging before he’d ever even stepped foot into a high school.”.If you hang out with me, people will pick on you.The boy’s hands tightened on the edges of his desk, showcasing the scuffs on his knuckles. The boyz young hoon. - Not that he knows that last part).” “Not in Japan,” said Yagi.Even if it was in a different language, Danny had learned most of this before, and it wasn’t like he was maintaining grades for anything but his cover.And the blonde quirkless boy who will one day carry the world on his shoulders certainly needs that lift right now.And part of the weirdness Danny was experiencing could be because he was in this world’s version of Japan. Well. At least it was sort of accurate.In four, Yagi Toshinori would meet Shimura Nana for the first time. Alright.He couldn’t recall a single new student being made to introduce themselves like this when he was in middle or high school. “It isn’t super impressive, I know. (Toshi gets a little pep-talk from an old ghost.I don’t know if I really subscribe to the great man theory of history, myself, but there’s something to be said for good examples. Only time would tell what kind of symbol Yagi would become.

They never showed him at 100% in his prime.As for All Might, I think he'd definitely give most immediate, post-crisis bricks a run for their money.Probably Wonder Man, because LOL Wonder Man.He's supposed to be a human being but his feats and abilities are far beyond even the greatest of athletes and martial artists.If you live in Georgia your vote can decide the fate of the US Senate.He doesn't react to a direct lightning strike except to kind of laugh it off. Piper wright pregnant. (This kind of proves indirectly that MHA villains ain?t shit).Lobo and plastic man aren't that strong but they are practically unkillable.Most countries of the world increased and expanded their nuclear weapons programs solely because Yujiro existed and they needed a trump card to take him out.Because yeah, compare to what he pulled off against Noumu to what Superman - supposedly no longer holding back - did to Darkseid.Punches the ground so hard he totally stops an earthquake.May as well just stick to what All Might knew he could do.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.Absentee ballots should be arriving soon if you've already requested one, and must be received by the state by January 5 at 7PM.As far as I know, he can one punch anything and they'll die.I did a Google search and I think it's anime or something.Always got the feeling he was supposed to be a dumber cap with a near hulk like base strength (without the unlimited scaling).Shio sakaki (the hokuto no ken ripoff guy from kenichi) could probably beat all might.

how strong was all might in his prime
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The ideas contained within this work of fiction, however, are those that I’ve developed myself. “Hi!” the little guy called, a wide smile on his chubby-cheeked, cute little face.Finding himself smiling slightly, knowing just what was in the heads of all of the others as they all came forward to get a closer look at the tyke, Jin chuckled softly. “Who’s the kid?” one of the others asked, sitting down on the plush chair by the side of the bed he’d plopped down in while Toshinori-san was helping him to get back on his feet. “Someone who knows Toshinori-san, looks like,” he said, patting the little kid’s floofy green hair.Do you need a hug?” “Um, I guess?” he responded, feeling more than a bit strange. Harry potter tg. The sound of the door opening again drew his attention, and the sight of Toshinori and the copies that he’d made of himself earlier brought Jin’s attention back to where he and his were. “Cute little guy,” another of the others said, a small grin on his face as he reached down to rub the little kid’s back.Kid, are you lost?” he asked, sitting up straight from where he’d ended up slumped in the chair, staring up at the ceiling while he waited for Toshinori-san to get back; sue him, he wasn’t quite comfortable calling someone who looked old enough to be his dad not only by a nickname, but also dropping honorifics altogether. “Uncle Toshi says that you’re not feeling good, so I came here to help you..The man had introduced himself as Toshinori Shimura; a big, blond, friendly bear of a man, who’d even gone so far as to tell Jin that he could call him Toshi, without honorifics, even.Killed by cuteness, he added at the bottom of the picture.It didn’t sound like that old man who’d brought them all here, both since Jin was pretty sure he’d have heard the man coming a lot sooner, given how huge he was, and since it sounded like he still had some work to do

how strong was all might in his prime

how strong was all might in his prime

Toshinori catches sight of a lean frame in dark clothes topped with a mop of messy, dark hair and what looks like a scarf of some kind before he has to jump forward to catch the stranger as they go limp and collapse with a faint wheeze.A picture of a man who’s apparently obsessively internalized his role to such a degree he’s actually trying to rescue people.Toshinori is just glad the young vigilante(?) is still breathing.Is this meant to demonstrate how heroism as an institution has decayed from the inside out due to the rise of celebrity heroes.The old couple who run the place either genuinely have no idea who he is, or they’re very good at pretending not to know who he is, for which he is immensely grateful.He hates it. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs. If they wanted him dead, they’d have left him in the garbage, not brought him home, dressed him up like an overgrown eight-year-old, and left him to wander this weird, empty apartment.For one thing, if the villain realized he was still alive in the dumpster, he’d probably just have kept stabbing him until that stopped being the case.There’s even a bowl of fruit in the middle of the dining room table.He manages to find one personal photo in the entire living room.Aizawa Shouta, underground hero, cat enthusiast, and disruptor of action figure conclaves.That would be weird, but everyone and their brother seems to like All Might, so maybe Shouta is even further in the minority than he thought.In which case, whoever they are will be hearing from All Might himself, doctor-ordered rest days be damned.

how strong was all might in his prime

Underneath the blood, his teeth gleamed whiter than a toothpaste spokesman’s. Ugh.They were some unholy combination between Hawaiian print, stripes, and polka-dots.She began to maneuver around to the villain’s flank, positioning herself in such a way that there were no civilians behind her. Nana couldn’t be bothered to remember the exact distance.The nearest bank was. Order 66-S Ch 1. Simple, not terribly threatening, but more than enough to kill the kid.Why don’t you two go over there, and make sure the police have been called.The more expensive and effective brands were a little out of the price range of a person like her.Second, she’d discovered she was out of painkillers.That's the only explanation for why there were villains at the grocery store while she's trying to buy painkillers.In fact, the blonde kid, who was utterly covered in blood, was helping to extract the girl from the villain’s rapidly weakening grasp. “He’s fine! People just get a bit dizzy when they, uh, lose this much blood.One for All pulsed in her fists as she turned to face the threat.But, hey, at least it meant that she met the most feral elementary schooler in existence.As in, anyone who lost that much blood needed a trip to the hospital pronto, and that was if they were an adult.Which meant that Nana should probably do something.Their quirk looked like it turned their hands into spikes.Had to be younger than eleven with that uniform, right..I can give you the number of my foster home, though.She could hear sirens in the distance.

how strong was all might in his prime

She’d said that it was a reminder of what he’d came from and permanent evidence of how much progress he’d made in the few months since they’d started.The blond sighed, reaching up to wipe the sweat from his forehead.Toshinori tossed the tissue in the trash, pulling his underwear and pants back up and turned to the picture again.God, she really was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.Thankfully, the raven haired woman didn’t seem to notice.Why couldn’t he just spend more time with Nana. Gay scally stories. Nana had taken the picture with a huge smile on her face and handed him the same one; framed, with an even bigger smile.Toshinori could feel himself getting harder the longer he stared.Once he found it, it was quickly popped open and was smeared over his cock, his hand returning to wrap around his length.He imagined what she would be like while she was sliding up and down on him, what noises she would make for him.Fuck! Toshinori had completely forgotten about that assignment.Toshinori let out a satisfied moan as he allowed himself to go faster, thumb swiping over the head, mixing the bead of pre-cum that had gathered there with the lube.He wondered briefly what it would be like to touch them, to gently squeeze the mounds of flesh as he brushed his thumbs over her hardening nipples.And if your brain ever focused on what you wanted it to instead of something completely unrelated or inappropriate, it would be a miracle.He looked towards the framed picture on his nightstand.He had homework to work through everyday afterwards.

how strong was all might in his prime

Toshinori broke away to suck a line of kisses down Hisashi’s throat, moving his hands between their bodies to tug open his belt and fumble with his trousers, yanking his dress shirt up in a desperate bid to find his prize.” “Sorry?” “You offered me a drink. Just another notch then.Preferably without clothes.So unaffected, so divorced from what was happening he might as well have been serving him tea.Hisashi’s call couldn’t come soon enough. Rikku & Yuna. Cheeks flushed, hair wrecked, mouth slick with come and drool.Amos Price, CEO of global pharmaceutical company Angitia, has been accused of trafficking these dangerous Quirk enhancers outside American borders and is due to appear in court on—”.The semester was behind them but Dave and his band of scientists were still testing hypotheses this evening.” Hisashi’s phone buzzed for the umpteenth time, the lock screen flashing with another set of text messages, and again it went ignored but the stubborn regularity of it caught Toshinori's attention each time.I don’t see why servitude can’t extend elsewhere. “Him?” Slight and trim, the man in question paused mid-sip of his martini with a startled look and much as the woman did, demurely peered at him from under his lashes.It will suffice.” Spoken from experience, of course.Did he feel the same compelling pull towards him as he did. “You know I can’t settle down with anyone.” “Naturally.Hisashi watched him for a time, something unfathomable crossing the shadow of his face and bringing a hungry gleam to his eyes.

how strong was all might in his prime

The mane slowly stops growing as it reaches down to about half of the serpents mass, before turning into two small rows of sharp dorsal plates, with an almost shark fin-like look except sea-green.Once they reached the door, however, he saw something that shattered his innocence - his mother stopping as she opened the door and now with a blood-soaked arrow shot through her body, a hole left inside her as she falls down the stairs in a brutal display of limpness.Izuku now must survive in a world set against him, he is forced to do villainous acts just to make enough money to live.The Villain is confused and full of anger, which is swapped with mortal fear as the Serpent lunges down at the man.Izuku is born as a Serpent like a monster with control over the storms in all its forms.His once-brown hair is now emerald green, and from the sides of his face, fins similar to the beasts now lay. Equius x Aradia. Comments: 21 Kudos: 110 Bookmarks: 29 Hits: 3035.Izuku does not even react to his scream as his body grows, his clothes tear, and his skin turns into scales, as he becomes something new.Izuku felt cold, and a scream climbs slowly in his throat, and he doesn't know why he is holding it back as he falls on his knees, the blood soaking his pants as the internal screaming reaches a crescendo until he cannot hold it back Izuku lets out the scream.The Beast slashes at the villain, throwing him into one of the remaining walls as it shatters and crumbles over him.However, they needn’t go into it, just past it.

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